Screen of the month - #526 "Field of Irises" was selected of the season and it is offered at the lowest price of $1,900 ! Shipping is extra $300. Only 2 screens in stock for the sale.


Monthly special in November – screen #652 "Five Cranes" This features 5 cranes dancing in gold background. This one is very bright and glittering 4 panel-screen. Cranes are winter bird in Japan. Standard price $2470 is reduced to $1700, more than 30% lower than the original tag. We can take this special order before the Christmas announcement.


Monthly special in October – screen #504 "Pigeon in Japanese Maple" This is one of our bestselling original products featuring pigeon in autumn leaves. Normal tag $2380 is reduced to $1700, more than 30% lower than the original price. We can take this special order while in this month.


Monthly special in August - screen #974 "Diamond Head" We are pleased to take a new order of this painting at cost of $2900 in this month. Standard price tag is $4200. It will take about 8 weeks until you get a delivery of this. This is one of our original design products.


Monthly special in July - #961 "Red Fuji" reduced at $3000 from $4840 in original price tag. This painting depicts a famous image created by Hokusai in woodblock print in 19th century. It was hand painted by our master artist, Ransetsu on silver leaf panels.


Monthly special in June - #370 "Soldiers crossing river on horseback" at cost of $2800 plus shipping. This painting depicts one of the scene of old battle in the 12th century. Two soldiers with heavy armor tried to cross the river on their horseback. These two brave men were praised as hero over the victory.


Monthly special in May - #560 "Bamboo in black ink" at cost of $1,600 plus shipping. This simple painting meets any kind of room interior of the wall. Bamboo is a symbolic plant of new life and strong power in spring. It is known as longevity plant as well.