Spring has come ! We would like to offer a special price for screen of flowers. The first choice of this month is Flower Cart. It is priced $2000 for Spring season only. Peony, Iris, wisteria, chrysanthemum and others. Good time to think about it for decorating your room with flowers.


Winter's favorite    Cranes will fly over to Japan islands from the freezing Siberian Continent. We can spot the birds only in winter season. We choose "Five Cranes" as season's favorite at special offer $1800. The sale finishes end of February.


Yearend and New Year Festive season is coming and we are happy to announce 30% off from the listed prices of new and old screens. It is the best opportunity of getting screens in a year for gift and for yourself. The sale finish by New Year 2022.


November's favorite, "Pigeon in a Japanese Maple" at special offer $1700 until end of the month.


October's favorite, "Full moon in the grass" at special offer $1600 until end of the month.


New acquisition - A pair of painted single panels produced by Iohara Screen Studio of Kyoto in 1960.