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Custom-Made Screens

Custom-Made Screens

Standard Screens

New screens shown on this website are all four-panel, conforming to a standard size of 3 ft (91 cm) tall x 6 ft (182 cm) wide. In old Japanese measurements, this is 3 shaku by 6 shaku, the same size as a tatami mat. Our screens are painted on gold leaf with traditional motifs.

Available Customizations

Screens sized in shaku may not be convenient for all places in your home. You may envision a different design or a combination of designs for your screen. You may even want to change the number of panels on the screen. Within the physical constraints of screen manufacture, we can offer the following possible customizations:

A few examples of our custom order screens with explanations below.

kimono screen 2

Cranes in pairs

kimono screen

Red Fuji Panels

Diamond Head in Honolulu

Nine-tails Foxes in Chinese legend

Pine Forest in the mist

Great Pine Tree

Cherry Blossoms under the Sun

Rising Sun with Five Cranes

Poems with Cherry Blossoms

If you would like to enquire about this screen, please fill out the form below with the number or title included, and we will respond to you by return.