Screen Hangers|



We have three different types of screen hangers in order to mount the screen on your wall. Any screens, short and tall, single and multi-panels, light and heavy one. You can hang it by using one of kits. It is simple and easy to fix.

Hanger Type I
-$40 (overseas postage included)-

Type I Figure I

Figure I. Close-up of Hanger Type I with red cushion (set of four included).Cushions are also available in purple or brown.

Type I Figure II

Figure II. Eight L-shaped hooks are screwed into the wall, four above the screen and four below the screen. The weight of the screen rests on the bottom hooks while the top four (or optionally two only) hold the screen straight and in place.

Hanger Type II
-$120 (overseas postage included)-

Additional sizes available:
Mini - 45 cm / 18 inches
Short - 51 cm / 20 inches
Medium - 70 cm / 28 inches
Standard - 91 cm / 36 inches

Type II Figure I

Figure I. Hanger Type II set. The long brackets are affixed to the screen on the outermost folds, while the small bracket snaps onto the screen at the center fold to hold the screen straight. For 91 cm / 3 ft screens.

Type II Figure II

Figure II. Figure II shows the hangers on a screen. If your screen is less than 3'1" / 92.5 cm tall, you may need to cut the top of the hangers to stop them protruding over the top of your screen.

Hanger Type III
-$100 (overseas postage included)-

Type III Figure I

Figure I. The Type III hanger kit consists of five pieces, allowing for any height of screen to be hung. The four outer pieces screw into the wall, with the central fifth piece holding the middle fold straight. For 6-panel screens, you will need two sets of Type III hangers.